Thank you for your interest in reserving a table at the next GLITZ show!

Glitz shows are the first Thursday of the each month. Doors open at 7p with shows starting around 8:30p.

Each table seats 3 people and includes entry and a bottle of champagne for $40. Must be 21 or over to receive champagne. Anyone under 21 will receive 3 sodas vouchers.

Only one reservation per person. If you are unable to list who will be sitting at the table, everyone in the party must arrive with the person on reservation. The ticketholder whose name is on the ticket MUST ARRIVE FIRST.

Reservations will be held on an honor system, first come first serve. Tables money will be collected on entry. Anyone who is not in attendance will lose their reservation by 8:15pm. At that time your table will be available to purchase by someone else.

Any no-show reservations made will be ineligible to make future reservations. Please make sure to send notice if your party becomes unable to attend.

YOU WILL RECEIVE A CONFORMATION EMAIL if a table is available. Your reservation is not confirmed until receiving this email.